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URBAN REFUGEES is a global platform bringing together NGOs, Community based organizations, faith based groups, practitioners, academics and research centers committed to advance the rights of urban refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).


Urban refugees and IDPs are persons who were forced to flee from the place where they used to reside and found refuge in an urban area, be it in another country (refugees) or in their own country (IDPs).
Although half of the refugee and IDP population worldwide is now living in urban areas, these populations have attracted a level of attention that has clearly not matched their number. The international community’s engagement has focused on the management of camps and settlements in rural areas, giving little attention to the plight of urban refugees and IDPs. Even though in recent years the issue of urban refugees and IDPs has been increasingly considered by both humanitarian actors and academics, the attention given to the subject remains too scarce.

Our Core Position

We believe and advocate for:

  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, because no refugee should be forced to live in a refugee camps
  • INCLUSION of urban refugees and IDPs into policy making process
  • SELF RELIANCE, because indefinite assistance is degrading and non-sustainable
  • COLLABORATION among key stakeholders, especially between humanitarian and development actors


This website

This website was conceived as an online tool on which you will find:

  • A Platform of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of urban refugees and IDPs (see The Platform)
  • More than 300 relevant and up to date documents (reports, articles, thesis) on urban refugees and IDPs (See Documents),
  • A Debate Forum on which you will find in depth conversations on key issues (See Debate forum)
  • Information about the situation of urban refugees and IDPs worldwide and the challenges they face (see Learn About)
  • The very latest news on urban displacements worldwide (see News)
  • Case studies highlighting specific country situations where urban refugees and IDPs are to be found (See Country Monitoring)
  • Contacts of other NGOs working with urban refugees and IDPs (See NGO Directory)
  • Contacts of academics specialized on urban displacements worldwide (See Academic Directory)
  • Innovating ideas and good practices from all around the world and dedicated to NGOs, academics and UNHCR (See Idea Box)