We call on governments and donors to respond to the current refugee crisis by supporting urban programs in neighboring countries that offer alternatives to ongoing refugee encampment, restore dignity and provide benefit to refugees as well as the communities hosting them


Sonia, Director Urban Refugees

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Considering that the international community’s response to refugee influxes is often the creation of “temporary camps”; and that in reality, these camps are maintained for years and are avoided by most refugees, as they do not offer any prospects other than stagnation, violence and despair;

Considering that more than 60 % of refugees now live in cities in order to try to rebuild their lives, but the lack of preparation, structures and support associated with their illegal status forces them to survive in dire conditions and makes them vulnerable to exploitation and smugglers who incentivize refugees to spend their last savings to continue their journey towards Europe or other parts of the world; 

Considering that conflict and persecution in too many countries forces millions of families to flee from their homes, and it is unacceptable that populations willing to rebuild their lives have no choice other than living in miserable camps, which are maintained for years and where some refugees spend their whole lives; or perpetual flight from one country to another, which puts their own lives and those of their children at risk, because of a lack of support in surrounding cities;

Considering that this dramatic situation has been pointed out by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which, in July 2014, released an ambitious and much welcomed policy of alternatives to camps, calling for the transformation of existing camps into sustainable settlements in host countries, transformation that has yet to begin;

Your signature is essential in convincing the international community to change its management of refugee situations and crises.


Thank you

in advance for your help in our efforts to prevent the human tragedies that millions of refugees worldwide experience every day, and in offering people fleeing conflict and persecution sustainable and decent conditions to build a new life.

We request that the international assistance sent to neighboring countries hosting refugees is orientated towards the development of programs in urban areas that offer durable and dignifying alternatives to camps and can benefit both the local host population and refugees. 


Petition to the international community

No to the ongoing encampment of refugees, yes to the improvement of their living conditions in urban areas !

Urban Refugees is a non-profit that seeks to improve the lives of refugees and displaced people living in cities of developing countries. If you would like to know more about our action, go to our website www.urban-refugees.org

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