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Sonia Ben Ali, URBAN REFUGEES co-founder :

I recall a discussion with URBAN REFUGEES co-founder, David Delvallé, three years ago: he said, “You’ll see, one day you will be talking about our mission in a TED talk.” I did not believe it then… but 3 years later, it became reality!
My talk at TEDx Champs Elysées was a tremendous step for our organization, which is still small in structure but with a beautiful breadth of vision.
Our dream is to make the invisible, visible in the eyes of the world. How better to achieve this than with a TED talk?
I am deeply grateful to the organizers for providing us this opportunity, and I hope with all my heart that it represents a great stride forward in bringing awareness to the challenges of urban refugees. We invite you to watch and share the talk with your friends, neighbors, and networks, and look forward to sharing more good news with you soon!

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